VegNonVeg is India’s first multi-brand sneaker store, based in Delhi. Sneakers have always been more than just shoes to us. They have a culture of their own. Those in the know understand how influential sneakers have been in art, music and fashion. VegNonVeg is in search of its own sneaker culture. Over time, we are committed to developing India’s own story of sneaker and street culture. The VegNonVeg store will be more than just a retail space. It will be a venue for music, a studio for art, a room for debate and a place to party.

VegNonVeg carries a heavily curated selection of all kinds of sneakers ranging from classic and heritage models to their modern tech-infused counterparts, and limited edition or hard to find collaborations across brands. We provide customers with the unique opportunity to shop multiple brands under one roof. We also plan on having a curated selection of music on vinyl, books, art and apparel for sale.